About us

Photos by Jasmin is a wife and husband team. We've been in your shoes and know first hand what you're going through when organising your wedding, and what it will be like emotionally for you on the day. I think that provides a level of empathy that is hard to match, and that will be really important on your wedding day. 

I'm Jasmin Devonport, I would love to be your photographer. I've been taking photos since I was old enough to pick up a camera, but I launched my professional career with Photos by Jasmin in 2012. Before then I'd been studying photography and practicing the art of it for about eight years.

You'll see a selection of my favourite photos on this website. It's just a tiny sample, but I hope it will show you the style of photos I adore. They're those genuine, natural moments that show couples at their best and reflect the love they feel for each other.

Photography is as much about relationships as it is about technical skill, but how do you know if we’ll click? My husband, David, and I will always meet potential clients in person to make sure we get on well before accepting a wedding.

After that, I’d also suggest booking an engagement photoshoot for £95. Think of it as a totally bespoke sample of my work. And if you then choose me for your wedding, the cost will be refunded as my gift to you!

Our location

We're based in Newark, Nottinghamshire. We travel to weddings all over England, usually at no extra cost. If you feel like we might be too far away for you, just ask and I can let you know. Any expenses would be as minimal as possible.

How to get in touch

If you like what you’ve seen and are considering me for your wedding, just pop me a mail or give me a call and I’d love to chat about it with you. If you’d like an engagement shoot we can arrange that, or if you want to meet up at your venue just for a chat then that’s great too. It’s up to you!

07582 808187
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